Wealth Platforms

The UK retail financial services market has undergone significant change over the last 10 years as Wealth Platforms have begun to dominate both the advised and non-advised landscape. Product availability has grown significantly and we believe will continue to develop - more 

At Retirement

The Retirement market continues to grow significantly driven by an ageing demographic and extended life expectancy. The certainty in retirement provided by defined benefit pension schemes is becoming a thing of the past with the move towards defined contribution pension schemes changing client choice at the point of retirement - more  


PARS has been developed with a view of providing the full lifecycle of solutions for the At and Post Retirement market through Wealth Platforms. PARS provides a flexible, component based system that offer solutions to fit the markets unique needs.

Spire has deployments of PARS throughout the Financial Services market, from insurance companies to
Wrap platforms - more

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue expanding, developing and improving our business in order to provide our clients and partners with an even better personal experience and to be successful whilst still remaining true to our core values - more

Recent News

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16 November 2012 - Natanje Holt takes up TISA Retirement Advisory Council Chair. read more